Search Approach and Process

The Accelerated Recruitment™ Approach.

Leveraging our experience and industry expertise along with the knowledge, leadership and innovation of the entire MRINetwork™, one of the world's largest and most successfully recruiting organization, we’ve been able to develop a customized streamlined methodology for efficiently pinpointing the people who can become the heart of your business. That’s what our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment™ approach is all about.

A Proven Methodology, Consistently Delivered.

While some recruiters try to slow the process, others move too quickly. The result is often a long wait with few results or worse, a body in a cubicle that adds little to your team. After 40 years, MRINetwork™ has mastered the process and has developed a field-tested, streamlined recruitment methodology that delivers our clients the Impact Player, that 20% of candidates that make a real impact on business pinpointing those people who can become the heart of your business-when and where you need them.

The MRINetwork Way™ is the most comprehensive recruitment process methodology available today, created to deliver effective and optimum results for clients and candidates. It is the ideal sequence of steps designed to yield a high-touch recruitment process expediently, combining each step with a specialized set of behavioral skills to ensure the process is executed to its full potential how and when you need it. Excellence is refreshingly simple when you've mastered the art.

Our process is summarized in four steps

  1. The Planning Stage. We design a specific, targeted plan for each and every search assignment we accept. We then conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates.
  2. Contacting the Candidates. Once we identify potentially qualified candidates, we make contact with them on a direct, personal basis.
  3. Presenting the Candidates. The qualified candidates are presented for consideration.
  4. The Decision and the Offer. We offer expert counsel and advice at this critical point.

Our Streamlined Process

Our methods focus on delivering effective and optimum results for clients and candidates. We have one thing in mind, to consistently deliver to you that top 20% of candidates – the kind that make a real impact on your business – that are right for your position and your company.

These steps aren't performed by just any recruiter but by our Search Consultants that are skilled professionals, experts in your industry and schooled in the MRINetwork Way™.

Although the specific sequence of steps performed for your search will be tailored to meet your needs, below is a summary of the types of activities they are likely to involve:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development
  • Position profile development and compatibility assessment
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation
  • Hiring manager interviewing skills training
  • Client and candidate interview debriefs
  • Confidential reference checks
  • Counter-offer consulting
  • Offer preparation and closing
  • Client and new hire follow-up

Solving Your Staffing Needs

Our approach to solve your staffing needs is simple:

  • We Listen. We'll ask questions, we challenge you, we make you think . . . then we'll listen and absorb.
  • We Understand. We invest time to understand your requirements. Having a thorough knowledge of the industry or industries you serve is essential to us since we form teams to leverage industry and position knowledge on your behalf.
  • We Execute. Searching and finding the best candidates are the hallmarks of our professionalism. We accomplish this through exhaustive research, comprehensive candidate contacts and in-depth reference checks.