Our Search Consultants

The experts in your industry that you can trust

MRINetwork™ brings together industry experts from all major business sectors. Our search consultants typically are experienced in the industries in which they recruit for; they know who you need to hire and how to reach them. Unmatched in the industry, our recruiters can provide specialized and targeted advice to help you find just the right candidate. Besides that, our consultants bring another quality that is unmatched in the industry - integrity. They are people you can count on, who strive for excellence, and who offer the kind of accountability and responsibility that you would expect from any colleague. MRINetwork™ does business one way - the right way.

Our Team Structure is composed by our CEO, Account Executives, Project Coordinators, and Administrative Assistants/Internet Researchers.

This is our team of Professional Search Consultants that will serve you:

Marcelo Machado, CEO marcelo.machado@mribr.com
Eduardo Trench, Managing Director eduardo.trench@mribr.com
Otavio Machado, Project Manager otavio.machado@mribr.com
Felipe Machado, Project Manager felipe.machado@mribr.com
Tamires Carneiro, Account Executive tamires.carneiro@mribr.com
Angela Marin, Comercial angela.marin@mribr.com
Diana Reyes, Account Executive diana.reyes@mribr.com
Ximena Diez, Commercial ximena.diez@mribr.com

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